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July 7th, 2019

Alias Training Courses

CV Manipulation using Alias Design

Learn to design with Autodesk Alias Training 2019

Alias Design (Alias Studio) is a powerful set of tools used in used for Automobile design and styling in the product development, marine, aircraft, sporting equipment, electronic enclosures, children’s toys, and fashion accessories markets. Using Alias Design, Alias Surface or Alias Auto Studio used in the earliest of shape and form defining to the final modeling complete with rendering, and/or complete engineering. An industrial designer or engineer that knows Alias tools can combine the efforts of the design and engineering sides of a product to cut cost and make projects more efficient to all involved.

At DESIGN ENGINE we are more about helping designers become more effective team members.  That is often communicating better or communicating between CAD packages.  We simply communicate with drawing tools and 3d modeling tools. With us, it’s about developing workflow and processes then helping participants figure out how to use the software not just reading a book at you.

Another major differentiation is we help you use two or more packages together.  ie. Sub’D surface exported from Creo imported into Alias Surface to generate single-span surfaces from a general form.  Since we are not a vendor who sells software we can mix and match to help you facliitate your wofklow.

“If your team uses PTC Creo why not offer engineering a 3d Creo deliverable with a carefully managed Alias import to your engineering staff?”

By promoting a more natural exchange between design and engineering teams and to help participants create a mutual language for greater understanding.  One way we do this is to utilize your ability to problem solve and make everything a puzzle.  As humans, we tend to learn at a higher level this way.  We focus on Alias modeling workflow & Alias modeling techniqe to learn the tools more effectively. We help DESIGN ENGINE participants become more effective communicators and eventually more effective team members through this learning experience.   Managers afterall want their teams to work smater not just harder.

The various Alias packages have changed quite a bit over the past 20+ years. Designers and Engineers (Even Engineers use Alias) tend to use the software as they learned long ago. It’s easy to be set in your way of doing things which is where we come in. At Design Engine, we help manufacturers get a different perspective using these very same tools by presenting new ways to think and new ways to explore design iterations. We don’t teach Alias, we teach ways of thinking which allows you to become a more efficient designer. After all as humans, we are always learning.

For us it’s about renewing yourself, changing the way designers think, your team’s services, the collaborative relationships, exploring a new design process, better communication, problem-solving, change prototype to the manufacturing process (with respect to modeling technique) and most importantly push a product designer’s growth.  Call it empowerment. Call it education. Call it consulting. We call it betterment. At Design Engine, we are infectious in attitude as we help your team grow.  Think of us as ‘New School’.

Alias Auto: Class-A Automotive Surfacing

Alias: Four Week Comprehensive

Alias Level 4: Alias Modeling for Tooling

Alias Level 3: Alias Rendering Intensive

Alias Level 2: Alias Design or Alias Surface or Alias AutoStudio

Alias Level 1: Intro to Alias

Parametric vs Alias Design vs Alias Surface

As the main instructor for Design-engine Bart teaches many of the PTC Creo & the Solidworks Surfacing classes. When he is not developing new training material you will find him on motorcycles, bicycles or on a skateboard. He loves any kind of racing on two wheels.

Design Engine Industrial Design Training Pro Engineer

Creo Pirelli Motocross Tire

Creo Consulting Packages

Creo Programs 2019 Here at Design Engine, we are incredibly passionate about learning.  We believe that good design should transcend software, which is why we focus on fundamental design skills, helping engineers and designers...
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Keyshot for SolidWorks

Consulting Packages

Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Maya and more! Design Engine has helped thousands of engineers & designers excel within their careers, and has elevated the design and engineering capabilities of some of the biggest companies in the world...
by Design Engine

JW dog ball

Creo Surfacing Training Courses

All design engine Creo training classes have customized material.  It’s one of many ways we differentiate from those that sell the software. Manufacturers often tell us they have a surfacing expert within their organization ...
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Design Classes for Engineers WEEK LONG INSTESIVE

Mechanical Engineers and Product Designers need to possess many skills to be effective. Not only must they be technical in 3D programs such as Creo or SOLIDWORKS, but they must also become better communicators when it comes to ...
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Merkava Israeli Super Tank

Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive

This week long course is made of four two day classes and presented using a variety of examples. From managing mass STEP and IGES data, repairs, to STL data from scans this course is for you to be the expert within your organiz...
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