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Creo Advanced Surfacing


More than an introduction, this Creo Advanced Surfacing course sets participants up for an aggressive growth into surface modeling using Creo. This two-day course has the same curriculum as the first two days of the Creo Surfacing Week One. We will discuss the many different Creo surfacing styles and techniques. Learn this Creo software with specific examples the basics of surfacing.



  • Learn to use Conics and discuss differences over Splines
  • Learn to utilize Creo curves and Creo surfaces to affect solid geometry
  • Learn every aspect of the sweep and blend tools 
  • Learn to use Trajpar variables with multiple examples
  • Merge, Trim, Transform, Replace, and Extend surfaces
  • Utilize new skill sets to smooth out solid material from problem areas and force rounds
  • Learn to use Trajpar, Equations & Evalgraphs to drive Sweeps and Blends
  • Eliminate isoforms
  • Learn the inherent issues with 3-part boundaries
  • A brief introduction to the Style tool

Duration & Cost

16 hours = $1650 per student

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  • Use Creo surfaces as if using Creo Style or Alias Studio tools
  • Learn to utilize parting curves & surfaces
  • Force rounds in Creo using surfaces
  • Manipulate a curve through points using NURBS modeling techniques
  • Building more robust curves and surfaces
  • Discover tools inside Creo for manipulating striations or flow of surface


  • Discuss light reflections from an industrial designer’s perspective in Creo Advanced Surfacing
  • Building robust curves and the time-saving benefits of a careful plan of attack
  • Compare and discuss other surface modeling software to Creo
  • Discuss the proper Creo Surfacing techniques and the ability to leave a bread crumb trail for others to follow your approach
  • How to modify other designer’s surface models
  • Discuss in detail surface analysis tools and their practical uses with specific examples
  • How as a product engineer you can work more efficiently within the design arena

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