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Creo Design for Additive Manufacturing


Is your organization ready to unleash the full potential of additive manufacturing? This is a two-day hands-on course on the design optimization process for additive manufactured products designed using Creo. Automatically optimize your design for shape and material usage.

Additive manufacturing has flipped the traditional approach to modeling on end with new workflows and approaches to design, expanding the realm of what’s possible in Modern CAD design. Learn to make the most of your investment with Design-engine’s Design for AM Using Creo workshop.

Design for Additive Manufacturing with CREO


Design for Additive Manufacturing with CREO
  • Learn how to size and generate lattice structures
  • Idealize and analyze lattice structures in Creo
  • How to reconstruct the CAD geometry from the
    topology optimization results (Nurbification)
  • Use topology optimization to find the best
    distribution of material for stiffness or compliance
    with homogenization techniques
  • Use topology optimization for light weight heat


16 hours = $1650 per student

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  • Create 2 ½ D and 3D Lattice
    Features in Creo Parametric
  • Design for additive manufacturing and practice the
    validation and verification steps required for
    aerospace & defense applications
  • Synthesize Metamaterials using Topology
    Optimization & Lattices
  • Design and evaluate molds with conformal cooling
Design for Additive Manufacturing with CREO


Design for Additive Manufacturing with CREO
  • How to optimize lattice structures using behavioral
  • Utilize design best practices and manufacturing

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