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Rendering with Rhino & Keyshot


This course is all about taking your knowledge of Rhino and pushing you to create photorealistic renderings using Keyshot. Rhino has a multitude of tools for adding the small details needed to make a believable rendering. In this course, you will also learn what details can be added in Keyshot like texture maps, transparencies, labels, and materials. On top of these model details Keyshot has a wealth of lighting and rendering options that will enhance realism and make your design pop.

Models and examples: Models in the course can come from a wide variety of examples. All of our workshops are customizable to your needs and interests. Bring your own projects to have one of our instructors assist you.

An image of a game controller rendered in Keyshot


  • Importing your model into Keyshot
  • The Keyshot interface and features
  • Preparing the details of your model for rendering 
  • Duplicating a model in Keyshot
  • Setting up your model for easy manipulation 
  • Materials, textures, and lighting
  • techniques used only for rendering
  • the difference between modeling for manufacturing vs modeling for rendering
  • Setting up a render Queue
  • Advanced setups: network rendering


24 hours – 3-day stand-alone course OR 

40 hours – combined with Rhino for Beginners as a 5-day course


Industrial design degree, CAD experience, or completion of Rhino for Beginners


  • Render realistic glass and other transparent/translucent materials
  • What it takes to create a realistic rendering through lighting techniques, materials, and decals
  • When to stop adding detail and move into Keyshot
  • Workflows for moving between Rhino and Keyshot
  • Enhancing your rendering by creating a scene with props

Video Training Delivery System

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