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June 20th, 2019

Creo Training Courses +

Creo Pirelli Motocross Tire

Creo Training Courses 2019

What are you learning new this year?   We are all about learning at Design-engine.  New use of the software, workflow, functionality then teaching. We teach robust & resilient modeling workflow.  With these workflow oriented Creo training courses, we facilitate the learning process so you team can learn as much and as fast as possible.  Small class sizes with often two or three participants,  the learning process is lead with passionate and knowledgeable instructors.  By solving problems using tools within the software our team makes it rewarding to learn.   Our Creo training courses include manufacturing weeks, such as die casting, plastic part design, sheet metal & forging classes to FEA week long courses.  Our Creo training courses range from Surface modeling, part design, top design design, large assemblies, detail drawings, Cable Harness design, CNC to FEA classes.

All design engine Creo training classes focus on core-modeling skills with respect to a manufacturing process.  Contact us today 312.226.8339 to get an estimate for your team or fill out our contact form above and tell us about yourself.

Design Engine is also known for Creo Update training & Surfacing classes. Note that we have two full weeks of Creo Surfacing classes as well.

Much of our focus is on model management techniques to changing models & designs easily.  “It’s not how fast you model but how fast you change the model twenty times that makes you an expert”. We don’t simply teach the software packages.  We are about helping create a natural exchange between design and engineering teams and help participants create a mutual language for greater understanding.  We help design engine participants become more effective communicators and eventually more effective team members.

If you are unemployed or about to graduate with an engineering or industrial design degree, consider the Design engine four week comprehensive courses or the season ticket which gives participants full access to the Design Engine studio and all the classes we offer for two years.

What are you learning new this year?

Creo 4.0 or Creo 5.0 Update Training

Creo 6.0 Update Training

Creo Training Course: Learning to Design with Creo

Learning Creo for Industrial Designers

Learn Creo coming from SolidWorks: A Week Long Creo Training Class

Creo Level 2: Detailed Drawing & Advanced Assembly

Creo Level 3: Advanced Modeling

Creo Advanced Assembly AAX Level 4 Intensive

Creo Level 5: Top-Down Design

Creo Level 6: Advanced Heavy User Custom

Creo Level 7: SheetMetal

Creo Schematics training Level 8

Level 9: Cable Harness Design & Creo Schematics

Creo Cable Harness Design WEEK TWO

Creo Level 10: Mold Design

Creo Level 11: Import Data Doctor

Creo Level 12: Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

Creo Level 13: Flexible Modeling Extension FMX

Creo to SolidWorks or SolidWorks to Creo

Creo Level 14: Advanced Creo SheetMetal

Creo: Pro/Program Workshop

Creo NC: Prototype and Production Machining

Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension Training: Level 17

Topology Optimization Extension Workshop: Level 18

Design for Additive Manufacturing with Creo: Level 19

Creo: Four Week Comprehensive

Creo Surface modeling

Creo Surfacing Training Courses

Creo Reverse Engineering classes

Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive

Manufacturing Classes

Manufacturing Week Long Comprehensive Workshop

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding SOLIDWORKS or CREO

Die Cast Part Design Intensive

Forging Part Design Workshop

Design Engine Industrial Design Training Pro Engineer

Creo Sheetmetal pivot Bracket

Creo Level 7: SheetMetal

Creo Sheet Metal Training Course Duration: 16-24 hours Overview: This comprehensive suite of Creo sheet metal design tools helps users create features such as walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, and relief features. Using a ...
by Design Engine

Merkava Israeli Super Tank

Creo Advanced Assembly AAX Level 4 Intensive

Creo Advanced Assembly or AAX Training Course Duration:  40 Hours Overview: Participants in this Creo Advanced Assembly AAX week-long class will learn to manage large assemblies with & without top down design plus various ...
by Design Engine

patterned tank tread Creo 6.0

Creo 6.0 Update Training

Creo 6.0 Update Training Course Duration: 16 hours/40 hours Overview: Participants will grasp parametric modeling techniques in Creo that they are currently familiar with in previous versions of Pro/Engineer. Participants will ...
by Design Engine


colorado ptc user group meeting 2018 pro e

Colorado PTC USER Group (COPUG) Annual Meeting 2018

COPUG Annual Meeting 2018 Each Region or PTC User chapter has a meeting of the minds once or twice per year where Pro/Engineer users gather together to share their knowledge. This September 6th PTC User conference is no differe...
by Design Engine

jw dog ball in both Solidworks & Creo

Creo to SolidWorks or SolidWorks to Creo

Creo to SolidWorks or SolidWorks to Creo: A Week Long Intensive Course Duration: 5 Day Class Overview: This class/presentation is for those design or engineering teams interested in or pushing to switch parametric software pack...
by Design Engine