Creo Consulting Packages: More Than Just Creo Training

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Here at Design Engine, we are incredibly passionate about learning.  We believe that good design should transcend software, which is why we focus on fundamental design skills, helping engineers and designers adopt a robust and resilient modeling workflow. Using these design skills, our Creo programs help teams approach problems with new perspective to facilitate your learning process.  

Our workflow-oriented Creo consulting (you call it Creo Training) facilitates the learning process, going beyond the Creo software itself, and diving into design problems, allowing your team to learn quickly and efficiently. Design Engine’s passionate and knowledgeable staff have decades of design and engineering experience,  and are able to share with you uniqes ways to solve problems using tools both within and outside of the software, facilitating a rewarding learning experience. 

“Work smarter, not harder.”

All of Design Engine’s Creo training workshops utilize customized training material.  It’s one of many ways we differ from software vendors that sell software and are also offering creo training. By providing programs with an engaging focus on core-modeling skills with respect to the manufacturing process, we put real-world design problems into context. Whats more: by customizing these packages to your team’s immediate design needs, we teach your team how to overcome problems in the software, current design obstacles and solve relavent problems. Your project is near completion in the last day we are together. 

Rather than offer typical CAD training from a book, Design Engine facilitates your learning process with problems to solve.  Humans simply learn better when in context to manufacturing, such as die-casting, plastic part design or forging.  Also learn to solve problems with tools like surfaces.  Or surface modeling in context to how light reflects off geometry and/or ergonomics.  Manufacturing with respect to sheet metal  & FEA weeks using your assemblies. Our consulting teams set you up tmany other techniques such as successes  including: better ways of quoting a project, approaching and defining the project scope, modeling tips and tricks, making changes and adjustments within projects, cohesive communication strategies between designers and engineers, innovations with new manufacturing processes, managing ECN’s and storing project files.  This type of learning simply can not be stamped out.

We love to learn here at Design Engine, and we believe teams learn more efficiently when theories are applied to real-world scenarios. We aren’t a training facility: we are workflow efficiency experts, taking teams to the next level with a comprehensive learning experiance. 

 “Design Engine creates more effective teams through comprehensive 3D modeling techniques.  We turn your team members into super advocates of the desgin tools.” 

As with most 3D CAD software, Pro/ENGINEER – now called Creo – has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years. One of the biggest obstacles we witness is that designers and engineers tend to use the software as they learned long ago.  We can all be set in our ways of doing things which is where we can share different ways of getting the job done.  At Design Engine, we help manufacturers, engineers, and designers gain a different perspective by presenting new ways to think about and explore design iterations. We don’t teach Creo, we teach ways of thinking which, allows your team to become more efficient designers and engineers. 

Our workshops don’t just solve design challenges, but they change the way designers think, setting off a chain reaction: fostering collaborative relationships, exploring a new design process, facilitating better communication, encouraging problem-solving, and, most importantly, challenging mechanical engineers and product designers to grow and innovate.  As designers or engineers we are always learning.    Let us empower your team with techniqes to learn faster and smarter.  Over the years, the services we provide have been called many things: training, workshops, empowerment, education, consulting. We call it betterment.

“It’s not how fast you model, but how fast you can change the model twenty times, that makes you an expert.” 

Don’t confuse the Design Engine methodology with those who sell the software.  Value added resellers of software have a primary mission to sell software & a secondary mission to conduct Creo training.  We don’t use a book, or teach menu clicks.  We create experts and efficient teams by solving problems using the software.  Let us help you design more efficiently to work smarter, not harder!

Creo 4.0 or Creo 5.0 Update Training

Creo 6.0 Update Training

Creo Training Course: Learning to Design with Creo

Learning Creo for Industrial Designers

Learn Creo coming from SolidWorks: A Week Long Creo Training Class

Creo Level 2: Detailed Drawing & Advanced Assembly

Creo Level 3: Advanced Modeling

Creo Advanced Assembly Level 4 Intensive

Creo Level 5: Top-Down Design

Creo Level 6: Advanced Heavy User Custom

Creo Level 7: SheetMetal

Creo Schematics training Level 8

Level 9: Cable Harness Design & Creo Schematics WEEK ONE

Creo Cable Harness Design WEEK TWO

Creo Level 10: Mold Design

Creo Level 11: Import Data Doctor

Creo Level 12: Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

Creo Level 13: Flexible Modeling Extension FMX

Creo to SolidWorks or SolidWorks to Creo

Creo Level 14: Advanced Creo SheetMetal

Pro/Program Training: Creo Level 15

Prototype and Production Machining: Creo NC Level 16

Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension Training: Level 17

Creo Design for Additive Manufacturing: Level 19

Creo: Four Week Comprehensive

Creo Surface modeling

Creo Surfacing Training Courses

Creo Reverse Engineering classes

Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive

Manufacturing Classes

Manufacturing Week Long Comprehensive Workshop

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding SOLIDWORKS or CREO

Die Cast Part Design Intensive

Forging Part Design Workshop